We are mandated to proclaim the gospel wherever people are. To promote and enhance a spiritual and moral presence in humanity to positively impact lives through the ministry of the Word of God. Through this medium souls will be born into the Kingdom of God and experience growth and maturity fulfiling our purpose for this life and in preparation for the second coming of Jesus
Our vision  is to glorify God by embracing humanity with salvation through faith in Jesus Christ that all unsaved will be saved and have our inheritance in the Kingdom of God.To build a perfect church and raise a dynamic generation, righteous and without blemish [in entire purity] to meet our Lord Jesus Christ at His second coming.


I want to personally welcome you to Cabinet of Zion Global Ministry, to a new era of christianity where the truth counts for what it is and not under rated.
A new era where Christ is presented to the world for who He is, causing the nations to run to Him for their salvation and liberation.
I pray that you will encounter Christ on a personal level, that He being the Refiner's Fire and the Launderer's Soap will refine you and consencrate you. For I know that your encounter with Him even on this platform will turn your life into a meaninful one. The Lord bless and keep you. Amen!
We are a people of the Word!
We are a people of Prayer!
  We are a people of  Worship!
  1. We are a people of the Bread of Life.
    We are a people of the Bread of Life.
    We teach the Pure Word of God. We give the bread that can forever satisfy a man.
  2. We are a people of Prayer.
    We are a people of Prayer.
    We are aware of the devices of the enemy that is why we pray.
  3. We are a people of Worship.
    We are a people of Worship.
    We worship God in Spirit and in Truth.
Come and have an experience with the Word of God.